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Think of this… An Ice cream a day, keeps the caravan at bay…

Being smart with your money is essential when travelling for an extended amount of time. We want to use our money on amazing adventures rather than wasting it on useless spending.

So many questions we get asked is how do you save money on the road? It’s not easy but there are so many money saving techniques you can adopt to help your money go further whilst travelling.

1. National Park/Free Camp in between your top destinations.

We have explored so many National Parks on our lap of Oz so far and at $5.75 pp. per night, it works out to be around $23 for a family of four. Caravan parks for a family generally work out to be approx $50 per night (powered) so staying at these amazing places have generally wanted us begging for more…

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Australian National Maritime Museum

Dame Pattie full sail - photo by Douglas Baglin Dame Pattie under full sail – Photographer Douglas Baglin 00029529 ANMM Collection

Naval architect Warwick Hood AO passed away at Erina on the NSW Central Coast early in July, shortly before his 83rd birthday. To the general public and the yachting scene in particular he was well recognised and highly respected as the designer of Australia’s second America’s Cup challenger, the International 12-Metre class yacht Dame Pattie. This design was very significant in its own right, but was a part of Hood’s long career in naval architecture that was also filled with remarkably varied work that reflects wide interests along with an ability to manage diverse marine projects.

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Great article

Write or Wrong

Image purchased on fotolia, text added by me. Image purchased on fotolia, text added by me.

Every time I come across an article or a person saying that they’re all for breastfeeding in public as long as it is done discreetly I cannot help but think, what the? They then follow up with stories of women deliberately flaunting themselves in front of people and being really in your face about breastfeeding and how it was ‘unlady like.’ Again, what the? When I pursue people for what that means they go a bit quiet and mutter about how they don’t want to have an argument and either change the topic or walk off.

Here’s why they go quiet, lean in closer, closer, much closer, I am about to let you in on a big secret here, I don’t want to blab it out for the world to hear, it is just between you and me. The reason…

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Great interview of an amazing guy…

Asian Australian Film Forum and Network (AAFFN)

 Andy Trieu interview with AAFFN’s Indigo Willing

Photo of Andy Trieu. Andy Trieu. Photo by Chris David


Three-time Australian Champion Martial Artist Andy Trieu expanded his repertoire from competing in tournaments, to performing in roles across stage and screen. Currently he is co-hosting on Australian TV and radio show “SBS PopAsia”, and is also featuring on TV shows Kitchen Whiz (GO!), Maximum Choppage (ABC2), IF You Are the One (SBS2) RESCUE (Ch9), and Pyramid (Ch9). Andy was also apart of the top 50 CLEO Bachelors of the year and was a runner up for the national search for hosts on ABC3.

Andy is an Ambassador for the charity “All together now” and an advocate of the National Stroke Foundation. He holds a double degree in International Relations and Business (Australian National University).

Q & A

Typecasting was a common theme and lack of opportunities. But I think the industry is definitely changing and…

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